It was an ugly morning when I pulled out of dock,thick clouds, rain all around ,little wind but good news was it was warm. I needed some live bait so made a stop for Spots and picked up 9 figuring that would be plenty and headed to my honey hole. Water temp at dock was 76 and when I got to honey hole it was 68. Made 4 passes with nothing but temp was dropping , 5th pass with temp at 60 I hook up and than proceed to get 7 bass on the 9 Sopts in a pouring rain. Soak and out of bait I head for dock but skies were clearing up so quickly went back for some more Spots before heading back to honey hole., I picked up 7 more Spots and could see rain wasn”t far off. As soon as I got to my area the skies opened up again but I maanged to get another 5 bass on the 7 Spots
I’m now soaked and looks like fog rolling in so I call it a day . Area around the dock was in dense fog
NOT A BAD July morning for bass with 12 bass between 23-27″ and these fish are giving an excellent account of themshevles as they didn’t want anything to do with my boat. I may have burnt up a drag on the reel I was using and need to look at it tonite
Did more hard running than I had intended to do but hell gas is only $4.10 a gal,cheaper than last year
May get one more day on these fish if weather allows but forecast is for significant wind change and end of the wonderful SW wind