Andrea came by for a visit without much punch left after hitting cold water. I got to dock this morning and there was a scary sky. Bright sun in East and a huge dark cloud bank in south moving north. Watched it carefully and didn’t see any lightening so headed out
It was tough going ,got to my first spot at 5:45 and by 8am I had nothing. Made a move and found one 26″ bass than nothing. Decided to stick it out here until tide started out but nothing showed up. . Decided I would worked my way home make a stop for fluke before quiting . Got to fluke grounds and picked up one short but I began to think I was smelling bass so made slight move and dropped a female eel over.. Got a funny hit and missed it so went back with a fresh female and this time I got a hook in her .. these fish were really hitting funny and on next 2 drifts missed 2 . Seemed like they were just playing with the eel. Little frustrated I headed back for one more drift and finally got a hook in her and landed my 3rd bass of the day
A 23″ and a 25″
I burned a helleva lot of gas for 3 bass , Guess considering the weather that just past I should be satisfied but I’m rarely satisified so we shall see what happens tomorrow