A Beautiful morning ,little cool requiring me to put long pants back on otherwise a picture perfect morning,left dock at 4:45am looking for Bass. However I could not find a bass on top of the tide small bluefish but no bass. Tide started,out and I found one but area got crowded so decided to try some other spots wihout sucess. Went back to original spot nothing but bluefish. So decision time, so I made a big move and I got largest bass so far in 2013 fat 31″ bass. couple more drifts and go another decent bass. Decided to make one more drift and got into an angry bass
who didn’t like the hook. after playing this thing for about 10 minutes I got her to surface and she saw the boat and dived under the boat and split the hook. She was bigger than the 31″ in my box probably close to 34-35″. some days the fish win but she gave me a nice battle
Tomorow looks like less sun which may be a good thing if there isn’t too much wind