fishing report 6/24

A warm morning with light wind when I left dock again around 4 . Decided after yesterday I would look for Fluke or weakfish .Tide just starting in . I worked the fluke grounds without getting a bite from anything including a crab. My disposition is going to hell .I talk to a couple of guys who were having same problem. I was told there has been a short bite right on top of the tide BUT I made decision to chase bass on top of the tide so headed to a favorite spot. Only had 2 eels one half dead .Made a few drifts with nothing than as tide slowed down I saw some bait and than I got a hit and landed a 27 1/2″ bass on the half dead eel. I probably could have stepped on it and got it to 28 and legal but stuck a tag in her and released her
Made a few more drifts and got one more bass little smaller right up to boat where she spit the hook and I never got a tag in her
My day is over as I have too much to do
This will be last report until approx July 1
leave some for breeders while I’m off the water