Fishing Report 6/2

Left dock at 4:30 am as it was clear wind was going to come up today and it was already blowing 12-15. Tide was perfect for Bass ,I had my plan and was going to stick to it. First stop I landed a 26″er and fishfinder screen clearly had fish on it . Drift is pretty fast with wind pushing tide and next drift I missed one.Went back and this time got a 23″er. Sun was breaking the horizon and the sea gull choir was in good tune for this Sunday’s sunrise service
Missed another bass and Bluefish came through tearing up my eels. Getting late as it was a bright sun and I knew once up a little more the bite was over and the wind now coming hard. You want to see how hard wind is blowing turn TV on the LPGA Golf tourney which is in Atlantic City and you can see first hand what I was in . Bang!!!! I almost got the rod rip out of my hands and I had a good one on. Wind pushed my boat into the bank and now the bass had the advantage but I managed to get it to the boat and into the net. A fat 29″er. 7:45 now and I ready to go home, made a couple of stops on way in but nothing,wind was impossible
Back at dock by 8:30 . I cleaned my bass and she was as full of crabs . Don’t think I have ever seen a bass this stuffed . She must have had over 20 crabs and a couple of 2-3″ winter flounder in her belly and she still wanted my eel
Tommorrow not looking good , all that weather from midwest is headed this way ,it is a slow mover maybe I will get lucky and get a couple of early morning hours
Damn I love to catch bass on my light tackle