I got in around 2am this morning from a beautiful day in the Big Apple but couln’t get out of bed until 6am and than heading to dock. Skies did not look good and forcast was scary but once at dock and figured I had a couple of hours. First stop I landed a 25″ on an eel than nothing. After several passes in same are I moved. At this spot I saw a fish and got a hit but missed it .Went back and fish was still there and this time i got hook in her and landed a 27″er
than nothing and made another move .Saw some fish here but no bites ,made several more passes and nothing and decided after looking at sky it was time to leave so came home in time to miss a fairly good quick moving storm
There are some fish here but no schools just single fish held up
Forecast is more storms overnight and than I supect high winds tomorrow so may be Sat before getting back out