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fishing report 6/24

A warm morning with light wind when I left dock again around 4 . Decided after yesterday I would look for Fluke or weakfish .Tide just starting in . I worked the fluke grounds without getting a bite from anything including a crab. My disposition is going to hell .I talk to a couple of guys who were having same problem. I was told there has been a short bite right on top of the tide BUT I made decision to chase bass on top of the tide so headed to a favorite spot. Only had 2 eels one half dead .Made a few drifts with nothing than as tide slowed down I saw some bait and than I got a hit and landed a 27 1/2″ bass on the half dead eel. I probably could have stepped on it and got it to 28 and legal but stuck a tag in her and released her
Made a few more drifts and got one more bass little smaller right up to boat where she spit the hook and I never got a tag in her
My day is over as I have too much to do
This will be last report until approx July 1
leave some for breeders while I’m off the water


Some days you get the fish,some days the fish WIN. Today was a WIN for the fish/\.
I headed out looking for bass in same area I had them yesterday,tide was an hour later but should not have been a problem.BUT no fish to be found,I burnt a helleva lot of gas looking but never saw anything that looked like a fish
Tide now going out so tried for Fluke and had same success but finally landed a 13″ fluke that kept me from getting skunked
I will try tomorrow than I will be off fishing for 6 days back on water 7/2


It was a beautiful morning with a Great Moon Set around 4:30 am. Headed out looking for bass ,first hour could not find a bass after hitting several spots. Made a short run and switched to  a popper and found one 20″
Went back to where I started on top of tide and found a small school . However Shoobies were now showing off and racing all over.I did manage to pull 4 more bass out of the school I found before they got scrathered by the racing boats           22-23-25 and 26″
Gave it a short shot for Fluke and picked up one short and called it a morning
Coast Gurad Aux was at dock and I could not avoid an inspection.which I passed

Fishing Report 6/21

First day of summer ,longest day,left doc at 5am looking for bass on top of the tide. Managed to find 3 but nothing legal 24-26 and 27″
They only seem to want eels and I’m down to snake size eel and no one seems to beselling them,so should be interesting next couple of days
Tried for fluke but could not find a fluke
Couple more days and I should be able to get a little more sleep as days begin to shorten


Fluke fishing slow but still a few bass around early up to 34″ .
Bigger bass only want eels ,smalled bass on poppers


Left dock again this morning at 4am looking for bass,I figured I had another hour of tide BUT Bass were not cooperating.After searching around a little I switched ti fluke and found 3 nice fluke 18-19 and 23″
Tide almost out so went back to bass where I had 2 yesterday . I had one pick up but didn’t get hook in it and that was all she wrote. Tide just starting in so tried again for fluke and got one short
Called in aday
It was a perfect morning for bass, overcast,few showers oof and on but no one told the bass


Left dock again this morning little before 4am,beauiful morning but fish were not cooperating. I was sure with 3 hours of outgoing I would find a bass .7:30 I don’t have a bass and my disposition is not good. I decided to go back to where I started but tide was completely out .However ,first stop I get 2- 26″ bass in 5 minutes than nothing . Made a short stop for fluke but they aren’t interested on this low tide but managed to get one short before calling it a day around 8:30
Water dirty for some reason.
If you want flounder the bite seems to be last of incoming tide


A perfect fishing morning when I pull out of the dock at 4am but turned out to be a lousy catching day. I had a plan and followed it but could not find any signs of a bass,no marks, no bait I was beginning to think my machine was going bad but talking to others they were seeing same thing. Tide was almost out so took a ride when I did manage to find a 26″er that wanted to commit suscide,still no marks.
Deciided to go back to where I started on incoming tide . Tide not running very hard so tried for Fluke and found one 20″er and 2 shorts . Tried the bass spot again but nothing so calle dit a morning and back at dock by 8:30
This has been a tough week with the weather
Never had a splash on a popper ,only bite was on an eel


I got in around 2am this morning from a beautiful day in the Big Apple but couln’t get out of bed until 6am and than heading to dock. Skies did not look good and forcast was scary but once at dock and figured I had a couple of hours. First stop I landed a 25″ on an eel than nothing. After several passes in same are I moved. At this spot I saw a fish and got a hit but missed it .Went back and fish was still there and this time i got hook in her and landed a 27″er
than nothing and made another move .Saw some fish here but no bites ,made several more passes and nothing and decided after looking at sky it was time to leave so came home in time to miss a fairly good quick moving storm
There are some fish here but no schools just single fish held up
Forecast is more storms overnight and than I supect high winds tomorrow so may be Sat before getting back out


Not a pretty morning,ledft dock in fog thicker than potao soup .tide had been in for an hour so headed to where the last bass was caught yesterday. Long drift with a fiesty female eel and never had a touch.Made a couple more moves but never saw a fish. Decided I will take a shot at fluke as I had some nice fresh filet strips.Made to long drifts across bay and NOTHING touched my bait. I’m soaked from the fog so decided it wasn’t worth it and came home
Weather next 2 days not looking good and Wed looks bet BUT I can’t fish Wed than long range forecast has weather on Thursady and Friday
Looks like this is going to be a lousy week