Another beautiful morning with a great sun rise.It is the day before flounder season opens and someone has told the larger fluke to disappear.
Started out this morning scouting out some different areas for fluke as tomorrow will be a zoo on the water and was hoping I could find a couple of different spots but that didn’t happen . So I headed to flounder alley where I managed to get 14 Fluke with 3 over the legal limit up to 19 1/2″
Today was first time this year the average size was under the legal limit so fish have been warned
If you are going out tomorrow make sure you have a good selection of baits as they seem to change what they want every day,yesterday they only wanted new penny Gulp shrimp,today they wouldn’t touch a shrimp and hump all over cut bait. On Tues they on hlt hit on Gulp swimming minnow in Charteeause….. Go figure

water temp pushin 60,bottom of tide was 62    half tide in 58