Light rain and steady wind when I left the dock,good news it was warmer , Dead low tide so hit a copy oy weakfish spots with nothing but a couple of Bluefish.Switched to Fluke but now the tide was coming in and wind was against it resulting in 2-3 ft chop on bay.Gave it my best shot under those conditionsn but the more the sun came out the stronger the wind got so after catching 3 fluke with 2 over 18″ I called it a day and came home+++
Forecast looks better for tommorrow
Some of you may remember I was member of a 5 man group that started fighting the State over losing access to Drag Island. We made enough noise and got support from local State Senator Van Drerw and we were successful in a request for assistance from RFA and bottom line is even after I got a letter from Turnpike Commission that our request was denied ,2 days later we were told we would get everything we asked for plus a new parking lot
Nice win for the little guys and we are thankful for the Sipport of Sen Van Drew aqnd the RFA