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fishing report 5/31

I couldn;t do anything right today, Left dock at 5am looking for bass , Dick was out in front of me and had one. I could not find a fish . Every move I made resulted in nothing. Dick ended up with 4 and I saw a bass. I will have to eat crow for a while.
Sun up I decided to head to flounder grounds but actually got there too late ,another bad move. I finally picked up 2 short fluke and now needed to get home. I was scheduled to pick up my new Flex today
I’ll do better tomorrow after clearing my head


BUCKTAIL WILLIE is back on the water after returning from Utah . Tired yesterday but due to late return and very little sleep I could not concentrate so came home TODAY I left dock at 5am with a plan for Bass. Had 3 crossed eyed bass miss my popper so switched to a trolled bucktail and landed 2 .. 1-27″ and 1-22″ plus 2 17″ Bluefish
I had a 8:30 appt to tape a radio show which can be heard on 1450 out of Atlantic City on Sat at 8am
My fishfinder was giving me weird pictures and it looked like I may have a loose connections so after the taping I tried to find the problem which was a broken wire laying against the gound. So I went and fixed that problem and decide to call it a morning as I have to clean up my Explorer and pick up a new Flex Tomorrow
Good tide tomorrow morning so I’ll be out again at 5am

fishing report 5/23

Wind blowing 15-20 S with some higher gust but I thought I would look around for bass. I went South The General went north, I found nothing and he had 3 all on poppers. I did not feel like going north given the wind so I worked the creeks on South end .After 1 1/2 hours I called it a day as I had a lot of things to get done before leaving
This is last report until Wed so for those fishing and fighting the Holiday crowds DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE SOME FOR BREEDERS
water temp on top of the tide was 53


A cloudy but warm morning when I pulled out of the dock.Plan today was to look around for bass and I headed to the Sound, I plug all the way around the Sound without a swirl ,water temp had dropped to 56. Decided to head little further north for Fluke but all I found up there was short fluke and one big Sting Ray.Little early for sting Rays but this one went 35-40 lbs
Decided to move back south and worked some new areas thinking the fluke would be thinning out and managed to find a couple more shorts than landed 2 legal size fluke of 18 and 20″ ,Wind now pushing tide out making the drift fairly fast ,too fast for fluke but did land 2 Bluefish up to 22″
Called it a morning and headed home
One more day tomorrow and than I will be off water for 5 days abs let the shoobies have the waterways
total for the day was 11 fluke with 2 keepers and 2 Bluefish.Did see a weakfish get landed right in front of me


Cloudy but warm morning when I left the dock ,started out looking for bass and could only find one 14″er ,Switched to fluke and bite was slow but managed to get 7 with 4 keepers between 18-20″ . Also picked up on 15″ trouit (weakfish)
Fluke today wanted meat ,everything caught on mackeral strips


A little damp and foggy this morning when I pulled out of the dock .Plan was to look around for some weakfish as tide was starting out but that plan didn’t work out so headed to Fluke grounds .Bite was a little slower probably as a result of the area getting hammered over the weekend .I did manage to find some and I had my limit of 5 by 9am ,all 5 over 20 ” up to 22″ . Mixed in were another 6 shorts
Called it a morning around 9:45


OPENING DAY FOR SUMMER FLOUNDER AND THE WATERWAYS WERE FULL. Perfect weather unlike last years fog. Water temp moved up to 65 and the fish were hungry. I had my limit by 8am with 2-19″, 2-20″ and 1-23″
Came back to dock on bottom of the tide and cleaned fish. Went back out on incoming but bite was slower ,did a littlke scouting trying to see if these fish were starting to spread out and picked up another 20″er
Tagged another 7 so total for the morning was 13 . May be the best opening day ever as it looked like everyone had 1 or more legal size fish


Another beautiful morning with a great sun rise.It is the day before flounder season opens and someone has told the larger fluke to disappear.
Started out this morning scouting out some different areas for fluke as tomorrow will be a zoo on the water and was hoping I could find a couple of different spots but that didn’t happen . So I headed to flounder alley where I managed to get 14 Fluke with 3 over the legal limit up to 19 1/2″
Today was first time this year the average size was under the legal limit so fish have been warned
If you are going out tomorrow make sure you have a good selection of baits as they seem to change what they want every day,yesterday they only wanted new penny Gulp shrimp,today they wouldn’t touch a shrimp and hump all over cut bait. On Tues they on hlt hit on Gulp swimming minnow in Charteeause….. Go figure

water temp pushin 60,bottom of tide was 62    half tide in 58


iT WAS A BEAUTIFUL MORNING,warm, dead calm and I had the last of outgoing tide to work. Tried a couple of spots for bass but bass are not coming inside , they are holding on the beach which has been hot.Switched to fluke and on bottome of tide the bite was nothing but shorts as tide started in fluke got bigger .I fished the first 2 hours of incoming and found some larger fluke
Bottom line ended up with 14 Fluke up 23″ and 2 Bluefish
One more day to fish before season opens on Sat and the waters get filled with boats.It will be a zoo on Saturday morning given the tide will be low in morning making for some skinny water


Light rain and steady wind when I left the dock,good news it was warmer , Dead low tide so hit a copy oy weakfish spots with nothing but a couple of Bluefish.Switched to Fluke but now the tide was coming in and wind was against it resulting in 2-3 ft chop on bay.Gave it my best shot under those conditionsn but the more the sun came out the stronger the wind got so after catching 3 fluke with 2 over 18″ I called it a day and came home+++
Forecast looks better for tommorrow
Some of you may remember I was member of a 5 man group that started fighting the State over losing access to Drag Island. We made enough noise and got support from local State Senator Van Drerw and we were successful in a request for assistance from RFA and bottom line is even after I got a letter from Turnpike Commission that our request was denied ,2 days later we were told we would get everything we asked for plus a new parking lot
Nice win for the little guys and we are thankful for the Sipport of Sen Van Drew aqnd the RFA