Winter is halfway over and striped bass season will open in 13 days. The good news is the ocean water temps have been coolest in 2 years which should provide 2 positives (recent temps past month have been 35-58 degress).#1- wintered over Striped bass may hold in area a little longer than last 2 years. #2- Scientist believe the cool winter ocean is good for weakfish and there is an excellent chance we will see an improved weakfish season with some larger fish.The first weakfish will arrive mid-April to spawn. Best baits will be slow moving bucktails tip with Gulp shrimp or something similar and pink will be best color. IF you get one that has a fat belly handle gently and put her back as she is full of roe
Summer Flounder will begin arriving on the last moon in March but will be tough to catch until water gets over 48. Outgoing afternoon tides on sunny days will produce until water temps get over 48 . Biggest fish caught on inside will be caught early .Season may not be open but don’t be surprised to get into a 8-10 pounder. 3 years ago I got 3 over 10lbs in 2 days ,tagged and released and one was recaught in Townsend inlet early July
Stay tuned for more early season tips as we get closer to Spring