To make sure your Spin reels are ready for the first spring bite a little preventive maintenence and clean up will go a long way
1- wash reel good with a 50/50 mix of Salt way and water
2- remove side plate with handle and clean out old grease , a good degreaser is helpful,once cleaned out dry thouroughly and regrease all the gears and moving parts. When putting side plate back on apply a drop of grease to each screw to prevent the screw from freezing up in salt
3- Now look at roller guide ,does it turn smoothly,if not disassemble the roller ,clean up any salt build up ,apply a light oil and reassemble,if problem is still there you will need to look at replacing the roller guifde as without a smooth running roller guide you increase your chances of losing a big fish
4- Check bail for quick release if there is a problem the bail spring may need replace BUT first disasemble and look at both ends of bail.Many times salt build up prevents smooth release.
If you are experienced in replacing bail springs go for it and replace if not I would suggest you take it to a tackle shop that repairs reels
5-Removed the drag washers and either clean them up or replace,when replacing lightly coat the washer with a light oil and reassemble
6- check your line IF using mono I reccomend replacing,if using braid you can get 2-3 years out of it. I like to reverse the braid after 1 year
7-Assuming you did not find any serious problems coat reel with a light coat of ligh oli and put in a plastic zip bag lraving a crack in seal for some air
IF you found problems that you can’t fix take to a local tackle shop for repair OR send back to Manufacturer,DON”T WAIT as in the Spring they both will be very busy and you may not have reel for first bite
Hopefully by following these instructions you will be reay for the first bite of the Spring GOOD LUCK