Cleaning old /used bucktail jigs

If you have some used bucktail jigs here are a few tips for extending the life of the jig
#1–wash jig in fresh water
#2– check the hook make sure it is not too rusty and clean with a wire brush than sharpen hook
#3- assuming jig has natural/while hair and hair is still in good shape you can brighten the hair by washing in a solution of 30 % bleach and 70% water,.I like to have it sit in solution for few minutes and than blow dry. If hair has been dyed you can clean up using a unscented hair wash
#4- check paint for chips,while paint is not critical you can touch up using an epoxy type paint
Jig should be good for a few more fish

IF jig lacks sufficient hair you can easily add hair to the jig BUT make sure you add any hair in layers so the hair will breath properly in water..You can buy bucktail hair or get a tail from a hunter friend. If using a fresh tail make sure you clean properly
Once hair has been wrapped on jig coat thread with a clear nail polish
A little work on the jigs over winter will save you significant money in new year