You now have all your rods ready for a Spring bite and now the reels need some pre-Spring maintenence. Here are some basic tips to assure you are ready for early bite
First –wash reel with a Salt Away mix of 50/50 with water making sure you remove any salt build up
Now we will look at Conventional reels
1- take side plate where handle is off and clean the gears of old grease. and wash good with the 50/50 combination. IF possible pull out the spool also. Allow to dry thoroughly and once dry lightly grease all the gears and moving parts.
2- assembly side plate back BUT before putting screws in add a little grease to the screws to prevent them from freezing up over the summer from salt.
3- look at line guides and level wind if you have it and make sure there is no salt build up,if so clean it up .
4- check anti-reverse clicks for salt build up and lightly oil
5- Check you line ,IF using mono I would reccomend removing and replacing,IF using braid you can usually get 2-3 years using braid. I like to reverse the braid on 2nd year and than replace on 3rd year
6- To complete the job I like to lightly coat exterior of reel with a light oil and put reel in a plastic bag to prevent dust build up ,I leave bag open slightly to allow some air to flow.
Your reel should be ready to the first bite of the Spring
IF you notice any damge that you can’t repair take reel to a Service guy or send reel back to manufacturer NOW as they will be extremly busy in Spring
TOMMORROW I will cover Spinning Reels