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Tides following SANDY

I have noticed a slight change in tide heights since Sandy. I have measured tides in Jan -Feb along with water temps for past 3 years- I make my checks on the high tide around both moons and when there is little other influence on tides meaning wind
I have noticed this Jan2013 that the high tides are running couple of inches higher than the previous 2 years. This could be result of all thye sand pushed in by Sandy or some other indicator. Ocean temps this year are normal at 35 and not the 40 degrees of last year so suspect it isn’t result of ice bergs melting
Will be interesting to see how Feb goes

Gemini Genie snap swivels

Good News I finally got my supply of the Gemini Genie Snap Swivels. As far as I can tell they are not available in US and getting them from England can be a hassle but they arrived yesterday. I will begin producing my fluke catching rigs wih them
Snaps are expensive at 61cents per after shipping but far superior to any others I have used

Cleaning old /used bucktail jigs

If you have some used bucktail jigs here are a few tips for extending the life of the jig
#1–wash jig in fresh water
#2– check the hook make sure it is not too rusty and clean with a wire brush than sharpen hook
#3- assuming jig has natural/while hair and hair is still in good shape you can brighten the hair by washing in a solution of 30 % bleach and 70% water,.I like to have it sit in solution for few minutes and than blow dry. If hair has been dyed you can clean up using a unscented hair wash
#4- check paint for chips,while paint is not critical you can touch up using an epoxy type paint
Jig should be good for a few more fish

IF jig lacks sufficient hair you can easily add hair to the jig BUT make sure you add any hair in layers so the hair will breath properly in water..You can buy bucktail hair or get a tail from a hunter friend. If using a fresh tail make sure you clean properly
Once hair has been wrapped on jig coat thread with a clear nail polish
A little work on the jigs over winter will save you significant money in new year

Recovered weakfish (specs) tags

WEAKFISH /TROUT recoveries #1-23

1#2 10/3/88 13″ CORSONS IN,NJ LATE NOV 88 OCEAN CITY MD 13″
2#3 10/3/88 13″ CORSONS IN,NJ LATE NOV 88 OCEAN CITY MD 13″
both fish caught by same angler same day.
wriiten up in sports Illustrated
3#5 7/13/89 LUDLAM BAY NJ 17″ 8/26/89 LUDLAM BAY NJ
Walter Taylor
4#6 7/15/89 LUDLAM BAY 20″ 8/26/89 LUDLAM BAY NJ 23″
fisherman Wood
5#12 9/28/90 CORSON IN,NJ 12″ 11/6/90 OCEAN CITY ,MD 13″
6#14 5/28/91 DEL.BAY.NJ 16″ 5/30/91 BRANDYWINE LIGHTHOUSE
DEL .BAY. 16″
7#18 10/14/91 CORSONS IN,NJ 12″ 2/12/92 COASTAL N.C COMMERICAL
8#53 10/7/94 CORSONS IN,NJ 13″ 3/29/95 CAPE HATTERAS ,NC 13″
6 months
9#67 7/2 /95 CORSON IN,NJ 18″ 9/23/95 SEA ISLE CITY ,NJ 23″
10#116 7/11/97 LUDLAM BAY 18″ 7/28/97 STRATHMERE,NJ 18″
11#133 7/1/98 STRATHMERE,NJ 19″ 9/11/98 MARGATE,NJ 3 LBS
12# 140 8/2/98 LUDLAM BAY 19″ 4/9/99 FENWICK IS DEL 26″
fisherman Fabrykas
13# 162 5/28/00 STRATHMERE,NJ 20″ 6/12/00 ATLANTIC CITY NJ 20″
14#165 7/1/00 LUDLAM BAY NJ 20 ” 7/17/00 SEA ISLE CITY NJ
15#167 7/8/00 STRATHMERE,NJ 21″ 7/23/00 LUDLAMS BAY 20″
Walter Taylor
17#173 7/1/00 LUDLAM BAY 21″ 7/29/00 ATLANTIC CITY 24″
18#175 7/13/00 STRATHEMERE,NJ 24″ 9/12/00 ICW 320 STRATHMERE NJ 25”
19#199 7/13/01 STRATHMERE NJ 24″ 7/30/01 STRATHMERE NJ 7 LBS
20 #332 7/16/03 ICW STRATHMERE 20″ 9/15/03 STRATHMERE 22″
21 #382 9/23/04 ICW STRATHMERE 14″ 10/7/04 RUSH CHATIN BR 14″

22 #827 2/11/09 Everglades City Fl 14 4/26/09 Estero Bay Fl 14”
Sand Trout Peter Sullivan

1–#254 2/7/03 MARCO IS ,FL 17″ 2/27/03 NAPLES ,FL 18″

NJ-14 MD-3 DEL-2 NC-2 fl-2
#=traveling weakfish

Striped bass fisherman should belong to Stripers Forever

If you are a Striped Bass Fisherman you need to consider joining
Organization is dedicated to making the Striped bass a Game fish
Their website is full of interesting striped bass information


To make sure your Spin reels are ready for the first spring bite a little preventive maintenence and clean up will go a long way
1- wash reel good with a 50/50 mix of Salt way and water
2- remove side plate with handle and clean out old grease , a good degreaser is helpful,once cleaned out dry thouroughly and regrease all the gears and moving parts. When putting side plate back on apply a drop of grease to each screw to prevent the screw from freezing up in salt
3- Now look at roller guide ,does it turn smoothly,if not disassemble the roller ,clean up any salt build up ,apply a light oil and reassemble,if problem is still there you will need to look at replacing the roller guifde as without a smooth running roller guide you increase your chances of losing a big fish
4- Check bail for quick release if there is a problem the bail spring may need replace BUT first disasemble and look at both ends of bail.Many times salt build up prevents smooth release.
If you are experienced in replacing bail springs go for it and replace if not I would suggest you take it to a tackle shop that repairs reels
5-Removed the drag washers and either clean them up or replace,when replacing lightly coat the washer with a light oil and reassemble
6- check your line IF using mono I reccomend replacing,if using braid you can get 2-3 years out of it. I like to reverse the braid after 1 year
7-Assuming you did not find any serious problems coat reel with a light coat of ligh oli and put in a plastic zip bag lraving a crack in seal for some air
IF you found problems that you can’t fix take to a local tackle shop for repair OR send back to Manufacturer,DON”T WAIT as in the Spring they both will be very busy and you may not have reel for first bite
Hopefully by following these instructions you will be reay for the first bite of the Spring GOOD LUCK


You now have all your rods ready for a Spring bite and now the reels need some pre-Spring maintenence. Here are some basic tips to assure you are ready for early bite
First –wash reel with a Salt Away mix of 50/50 with water making sure you remove any salt build up
Now we will look at Conventional reels
1- take side plate where handle is off and clean the gears of old grease. and wash good with the 50/50 combination. IF possible pull out the spool also. Allow to dry thoroughly and once dry lightly grease all the gears and moving parts.
2- assembly side plate back BUT before putting screws in add a little grease to the screws to prevent them from freezing up over the summer from salt.
3- look at line guides and level wind if you have it and make sure there is no salt build up,if so clean it up .
4- check anti-reverse clicks for salt build up and lightly oil
5- Check you line ,IF using mono I would reccomend removing and replacing,IF using braid you can usually get 2-3 years using braid. I like to reverse the braid on 2nd year and than replace on 3rd year
6- To complete the job I like to lightly coat exterior of reel with a light oil and put reel in a plastic bag to prevent dust build up ,I leave bag open slightly to allow some air to flow.
Your reel should be ready to the first bite of the Spring
IF you notice any damge that you can’t repair take reel to a Service guy or send reel back to manufacturer NOW as they will be extremly busy in Spring
TOMMORROW I will cover Spinning Reels