Sept was the normal dead month for decent size fish. Bass were just about non-exisitent with only 2 getting tagged both on the Full Moon
Flukle bite continued slow with only 33 being caught including 4 between 19-21″ but once again the normal 2-3 year class of 13-17″ fluke was way down from previous years. A pattern is beginning to take shape as my tag returns started coming in. Historically my returns have seen 11% being recaught 10 or more miles further north than first caught. Revieiwing 2010-11-12 data I find 39% being rcaught 10 miles further north or more and as far north as N.H. .This seems to now be a trend and will need to be watched.Fluke typically travel East West and spawn on continental shelf 60-75 miles off shore and they generally return to same areas but not the past 2 years. I mentioned this in the Fluke advisory council meeting and heard NH had the best fluke fishing in history in 2012. This will have to be watched in future
I did find 3 trout (weakfish) in my area all over 20″ which wouid have given me a winner in one of the annual tourneys I was in but because they were full of roe they went back with a tag.
Few Bluefish but nothing exciting.
Picked up a couple of kingfish and one Pompano
The Spots I had penned up got ripped off and I lost well over 100.think I know who did it and will be looking for them next year. I went back out for Spots and put another 100 back in pen,the bast@#$ who I think stole them left the marina and I never had any more lost.
This area did not produce as it has in the past and I’m beginning to think it hqad something to do with the 3 month dredging that took place over the winter on 2012 but just a theory