Opening day for fluke was May 5th, I spent first 4 days of May looking for some decent spots for legal fish but overall size remained smaller than normal. I had 3 spots picked out for opening day. Opening day saw a DENSE fog and NE wind .I left dock heading for my first spot using my GPS as Fog was dense. Got to first spot and due to NE wind the drift was horrible and boats were arriving from all diesrctions in this fog. After a couple of shorts and wall to wall boats I headed to spot #2 where I found 5-6 boats BUT they were not in my exact spot. I hit my spot and quickly landed a 5.9oz Fluke and 2 more legal size fish.Next day was too windy but on 7th I went out o spot #2 and managed to get 4 fluke including 2 over 4lbs .Not bad for an opening weekend with lousy weather
Balance of the month fluke were plentiful but still smaller than normal on average.Total month for Fluke was 88 with 24 over 18″ . The 5.9lb held up all year in Rodmaker’s tourney for 2nd place
Bass were scarce and only managed 3 for the month with largest being 24″
I made several attempts at Trout(weakfish) but could only find one a fat 22″ which went back with a tag. This could have been a winner in rodmakers tourney but it was full of roe and ready to spawn and given the trout population decline I put her back
Clearly not my best May and disappointing thing was the decline in catches as the month went on which is just the opposite of a normal May.
Water temps were little higher than a normal May raising some concern for future
Next report will cover JUNE