OCT is always best month of the year and bite generally starts around 7th and builds as month goes on. First Oct Bass came in boat on 3rd but than nothing until 8th. Water temp 67 and bass began hitting surface poppers.I had a full supply of fully trained Live Spot but nothing was hitting the Spot. Surface poppers and trolled bucktail was doing the trick. A steady daily pick but nothing real exciting and bass were running 20-25″. 16th saw the size get little bigger and Spot was working with bass runnng 22-29″ .Popper still worked early but only at sunrise .Live spot produce 3 legal size fish at 29″. There was a steady pcked through 26th,nothing exciting and not as hot as years past but steady, Total bass for Oct was 43
I also manged to find a few out of season fluke and Bluefish but nothing all that exciting
Major league Storm heading this way and I pulled boat on 26th ,some heros were telling me I was a wimp BUT this storm had potential of the perfect storm . sunday everyone was pulling as the forecast were as I sai on Friday “perfect storm set up)
Strom arrived Sunday night and flooding was massive in south Jersey,we were lucky as eye of stome came right over this area putting the worst of the storm and wind to the north, The rest is history
I wanted to get back in on 3rd but another storm ,a coastal nor’easter prevented that and getting to dock was tough due to roads blocked by sand.Finally got back in on 6th. What I found was chocolate water and a serious water temp drop to 47 degrees. Conditions were not good . I tried every day in Nov the wind would let me out but finding a bass was on the impossible side. A typical Nov for me produced 60-70 bass but not this year,Total bass for Nov was 2 ,but fish legal at 29 and 30” but just 2
Finally pulled boat on Dec 2nd as water was just not clearly up ending the worst year I have had in 55 years
Hopefully things will improve in 2013
In future blogs I will give some tips on cleaning equipment and being ready for a Spring bite