AUGUST was a strange month and water temps were between 77-80 most of the month
There was a Bass bite on 1st and 2nd with bass running 18-26″.They were not holed up in one spot and you had to keep moving to find them ,starting on 3rd No Bass , Another bite started on 16 th and 17th where I found bass from 20-27″ and than no bass . On 30th I found another bass of 29″ . There clearly is a pattern here as all 3 bites were around the moon,either Full or New. Bass were moving quickly north it appeared.
Fluke fishing was less than desirable,the normal 2nd run of undersize fluke was not showing up,there were a few but no numbers like years past . Did manage to put 4 keepers in the box between 18-21″
Bluefish,another usual August fish were few and far between and no schools of any size.
Sea Bass was filling up the back bay waters and I managed to tag my usual 100 for science.
Spots also were showing in good numbers and I began filling my bait pen in preparation for a Fall Bass run.
Tried several hours for Trout (weakfish) but could only find one. There was a night Trout bite a little further south but I was always too late getting there.but in my normal areas no trout
The lack of undersize fluke is a concern as this represent s 2 year class missing or greatly reduced. There is however some indication of the Fluke migration moving much further north than in years past. More on that in a later report