July 2012 saw the highest water temps in recent memories. Temps settled in between 77-79 with occasional day in 80’s
Fluke fishing was slow and there continued to be a serious reduction in 13-17″ fish .A typical July has had strong runs of 13-17″ ,every year for past 11 years but not this year, Don’t get me wrong there were a few but not the numbers of years past.This represents the potential of 2 year classes missing or reduced
There were a few legal size fish but nothing over 21″
The surprise of the month was Striped Bass.First week of the month saw a steady catch of bass in the 22-25″ size, than there was a void with nothing..The last week of the month saw an influx of larger fish up to 33″. Clearly this was unusual given water temps of 78 both weeks. the fish apparently were on the move north and just stopped in for a “snack” The average size of the bass for the month was over 26″
July continued to be worst than previous July’s . Black sea bass began to show up along with Spots.
Tried several times for trout but could only raise one 22″er