2012 equipment clean up

Well,you probably quit fishing by now and put your equipment in a corner without doing anything. IF you want to be ready for a 2013 season without missing a beat I like to do some winter clean up as Bass bite will probably be early again this year

SO, start with rods and follow these simple steps
#1- wash and wipe down rod with a 50/50 mix of Salt Away and water
#2- take good wax cleaner and clean rod
#3- Now take a good wax polish, I like ,Collinite Boat wax and put a thin coat of wax on the rod and buff to a gloss
#4— take a cotton tip and check guides for cracks and repair now or take to someone who can repair DON”T wait until you lose a fish in Spring
#5- clean reel seat and than put a light coat of oil on reel seat
Put rods away in dry area and when fish start biting you will be ready

Look for a later report on reels