This morning all the signs were there to tell me to call it a year
Dick and I left dock in a DENSE fog and tide 2/3rds down we headed across Strathmere bay or tried to. I missed the shallow channel and quickly ended up on a mud flat with tide dropping. We could not move the boat off the mud even after jumping out into the 48 degree water.Only options was to call Boat US .They started right away BUT the fog slowed him down and once he got close we couldn’t see each other due to fog .Finally with help of radio we hooked up and he pul;led us off
So now we go looking for bas but it wasn’t to be as my fishfinder screen looked like the Dead Sea, nothing showing up.
Water temp 48 but it did clear up a little on bottom of the tide but no fish.Dick and me worked it for 3 hours without seeing a fish
SO the result of being a “dumb ass” and running aground and no fish boat is coming out of water tomoirrow and put to bed for the winter
Hope all had a Good Thanksgiving
We will be posting 2012 results and any other info I come across over the winter from time to time
2012 will not go down as one of my more better years
Either the fish stocks are declining or I’l losing my touch in my old age