GIVEN I lack a few cells in my brain I took off this morning with 2 hours of tide coming in before High. Little warmer at 39 but wind still strong 15-20 gusting to 25 NE .
Water was still real dirty,drop an el 2″ into water and you couldn’t see it . Tide is really gone to be high as with an hour to go before high it is solid water all the way to the Parkway.I began searching for cleaner water in some creeks leading into Ludlam bay BUT I could not find the creek mouths .Did find some cleaner water on west side but no fish. Wind is now really blowing so I head over to east side thinking maybe I can find cleaner water . Did find some clean water and some small creek mouths thanks to my GPS. I hit the spots I had in my GPS but no fish so worked my way back into Whale creek calling it a day, Even finding the south mouth of Whale creek was a challenge given how high water was. Got back to dock and I have a 30ft p[iece of 8″ x8″ lumber blocking my dock
I got a rope on it and pull it away and than tied it up away fro other boats
Water is all the way down Taylor av when I left and was 2/3rds up my wheels on the New Explorer as I drove through it

I’m done fishing until Monday,maybe water will clear up ny than and a bass may show up
Have a good weekend