Fishing is nice but catching sucks. Left the dock this morning with an air temp of 33 and n wind 15-20 so it was cold.. The water continues to look like Chocolate Milk .I searched for cleaner water but every place I look had same muddy water even up in the Sounds. I have never seen water this dirty in Nov even after a storm.Usually it will clean up this time of the year in 2-3 days but not this year. After spending a couple of hours dragging an eel and live spot I never saw a fish on my machine nor did anything touch my bait. I had the last hour of incoming and first hour of outgoing which usually this time of the year produces fish .It ain’t happening this year . I will keep trying to thanksgiving with exception of this weekend when I have another engagement keeping me off the water
It may be over for the inshore fishermen,there is a bite off shore and at times in the surf but the bass are not coming inside