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GOT to dock wind howling 20-30 nw and water looked like Chocolate milk again
SO ,pulled boat and brought her home, Depression is setting in


This morning all the signs were there to tell me to call it a year
Dick and I left dock in a DENSE fog and tide 2/3rds down we headed across Strathmere bay or tried to. I missed the shallow channel and quickly ended up on a mud flat with tide dropping. We could not move the boat off the mud even after jumping out into the 48 degree water.Only options was to call Boat US .They started right away BUT the fog slowed him down and once he got close we couldn’t see each other due to fog .Finally with help of radio we hooked up and he pul;led us off
So now we go looking for bas but it wasn’t to be as my fishfinder screen looked like the Dead Sea, nothing showing up.
Water temp 48 but it did clear up a little on bottom of the tide but no fish.Dick and me worked it for 3 hours without seeing a fish
SO the result of being a “dumb ass” and running aground and no fish boat is coming out of water tomoirrow and put to bed for the winter
Hope all had a Good Thanksgiving
We will be posting 2012 results and any other info I come across over the winter from time to time
2012 will not go down as one of my more better years
Either the fish stocks are declining or I’l losing my touch in my old age


I tried again this morning leaving dock around 10am with tide halfway in.Water still very dirty.I gave it 2 1/2 hours without ever seeing a bass.Water temp was 48 . The sudden drop in water temps following Sandy has the fish goine right by and not stopping inside as they usually have done in November. I searched my logs going back to 1960 and only found 4 years where water temps were this cold in November and each of those years had cool water all summer. We had warmer than normal water temps all summer so with the sudden drop ,(actual drop was over 15 degrees in couple of days) the fish aren’t stopping¬† and coming inside on their way south.¬†¬† Will probably give it one more shot on Friday



Dick jumped on board with me today and we searched all over for clean water or any signs of bass. No signs of bass anywhere. We worked the last 2 hours of incoming and first hour of outgoing
It appears the 2012 fishing season for me is over but I will hang in there until weekend hoping for something to change but I’m not all that optimistic


GIVEN I lack a few cells in my brain I took off this morning with 2 hours of tide coming in before High. Little warmer at 39 but wind still strong 15-20 gusting to 25 NE .
Water was still real dirty,drop an el 2″ into water and you couldn’t see it . Tide is really gone to be high as with an hour to go before high it is solid water all the way to the Parkway.I began searching for cleaner water in some creeks leading into Ludlam bay BUT I could not find the creek mouths .Did find some cleaner water on west side but no fish. Wind is now really blowing so I head over to east side thinking maybe I can find cleaner water . Did find some clean water and some small creek mouths thanks to my GPS. I hit the spots I had in my GPS but no fish so worked my way back into Whale creek calling it a day, Even finding the south mouth of Whale creek was a challenge given how high water was. Got back to dock and I have a 30ft p[iece of 8″ x8″ lumber blocking my dock
I got a rope on it and pull it away and than tied it up away fro other boats
Water is all the way down Taylor av when I left and was 2/3rds up my wheels on the New Explorer as I drove through it

I’m done fishing until Monday,maybe water will clear up ny than and a bass may show up
Have a good weekend


Fishing is nice but catching sucks. Left the dock this morning with an air temp of 33 and n wind 15-20 so it was cold.. The water continues to look like Chocolate Milk .I searched for cleaner water but every place I look had same muddy water even up in the Sounds. I have never seen water this dirty in Nov even after a storm.Usually it will clean up this time of the year in 2-3 days but not this year. After spending a couple of hours dragging an eel and live spot I never saw a fish on my machine nor did anything touch my bait. I had the last hour of incoming and first hour of outgoing which usually this time of the year produces fish .It ain’t happening this year . I will keep trying to thanksgiving with exception of this weekend when I have another engagement keeping me off the water
It may be over for the inshore fishermen,there is a bite off shore and at times in the surf but the bass are not coming inside


ANOTHER beautiful morning,warm at 50 degrees and no wind ,perfect tide but no Bass. Guess the name is right FISHING instead of CATCHING. It is unbelievable that middle of Nov you can’t get bass on regular basis, Either Sandy scared hell out of the fish or they have departed for a Republican State liuke North Carolina
In any event catching sucks
Cold front coming tonite with rain so not sure what tomorrow will bring.The clock to close out 2012 fishign season is ticking

fishing Report 11/11

Tide was perfect and air temp much better but after 2 hours I still could not find a bass and I burnt some gas looking .Water was still very dirt on outgoing tide. I decided to try a couple of the spots I hit earlier and low and behold a Bass .I am convinced it was a Democratic Bass as water was too dirty to see the bait so it must have been there with it’s mouth open looking for an Obama handout. He won’t be looking again as he is going into someone’s frying pan as it was 29″
Water temp 50. May get one more day of this nice weather before cold front comes through


I gave it my best post Sandy Shot for bass with no success
I fish the last 3 hours of outgoing tide this morning .Leaving the dock with an air temp of 33. Never saw a fish.
Decided to give it a try again on last 2 hours of incoming late this afternoon and still no fish to be found. Few bass are being caught off shore but so far nothing moving inside.Water temp this morning was 45 but it got up to 50 on top of the tide this afternoon .I think if water temps could climb a little more into the 53-57 degree range some fish might show up .But than it could be all over for 2012 inside.
Water was very dirty this morning but cleaned up a little this afternoon hopefully it will continue to clean up
will give it another shpt on morning


BUCKTAIL WILLIE is floating and ready for some season ending bass fishing.Water has started to clean up and by tomorrow should be fishable. Winds look like they are going to drop down so tomorrow is looking real good
Probably won’t be a lot of weekend traffic to wortry about but will have to worry about submerged logs
water temp at dock was 45