Left the dock under cover of darkness on top of the tide.Decided to work my creek but couldn’t find anything so headed up tp a shallow cove in Ludlam where I landed a 24″er on a popper but couldn’t find antother .Moved back to where I startred and landed a 26″er on a bucktail than nothing.Decided to make a major move and on first stop landed a 24″er followed by a 22″er. But that was all I could find.Tide halfway down and now time to get bucktail /willie out of the water and on the trailer. That was done and I haul her home. Spent an hour cleaning bottom of boat as this was a good year for barnacles given the much warmer water this summer . I will tie everything down and hope for the best but it sure does not look good for this area. Sunday night theough early Wed will be tough at best. Europeon model has the storm coming on land at Cape May .US model has it coming on shore more towards New York.In any event this should be a helleva storm
Hope to go back in once storm goes by if at all possible but probably not until thursaday