I tried for Bass in the wind and rain on Friday,no bass, I went out again Sat on a picture perfect morning and still no bass. MAYBE I’ve lost my touch I’m beginning to wonder and my confidence is shot .BUT will keep trying next week.Water temp still warm at 64
I can throw all my past logs out as this year in total since April has followed nothing of the past years and I have looked at 19 years of logs and nothing like 2012 or for that matter nothing close to October 2012.. Even in the lean years of Striped bass during the mortitorium you could catch bass in my waters in October in decent numbers
Just have to keep trying as you can’t catch any sitting in your living room
19 year history of Octobers give a 68 bass average for first 20 days of October and an average of 7 over 28″ .First 20 days of October 2012 sees 21 bass and nothing over 28″