IT was a beautiful October morning,surface of the water looked like a mirror ,dead calm but as I suspected it was only sucking in. .Bass were hard to find and I covered a lot of water. Finally I managed to land one bass on an eel 25″ .than another dry spell and than a 22″er hit a bucktail than another dry spell. top of the tide on a flat I mnged to land one more 19″er on a popper and that was all she wrote as the wind has come up
This is by far the worse October I have had,hell I’vecaught more bass in October when I was living in Indiana and only getting here for 10 days in October.. All I can hope for is things will get better but the clock is ticking and we are geting close to the 2 minute drill
Tomoorow doesn’t look real good but we will see what happens
water temp 62