Forecast was for winds of 20-30 but when I got to dock it was only blowing 10-12 so out I went . Finding a bass was on the agenda but I was having no luck. On top of the tide I went up a creek I haven’t caught a fish there in 5 years .But no sooner did I get my line in water and BANG but I think because it surprised me I didn’t get a good hook up and lost it. Went back to same spot and this time I was awake and picked up a 24 “er than nothing. Tide starting out and now winds are coming ,not a styeady wind,seems like it would suck in at around 10 and than give a blast of 20-25 ,not a pretty sight
Tried some other spots on outgoping with wind now pushing me in a gusty way,no Bass but did manage to land a 20” Fluke which of course went back as out of season
Wind now making it almost impossible to get a good drift so headed home.Made one stop to see if there were any Spots left and managed to get 8 before giving in to the wind
Water temp moved back up to 64 .We need the water temp to settle in between 60-62
Tomorrow DOES NOT look good ,cold front coming through and behind it strong NW winds BUT we shall see as these weathermen are only right 50% of the time