20 degrees warmer this morning at 55 but the dreaded SW wind was blowing and forecasted to build up to 20mph
I hit every spot I knew on the southern side of marina and could not find anything but a couple of small Bluefush. Came back to where I started with wind now over 15 with a few higher gust and FINALLY got a 26″ bass but that was all she gave me just the one. With wind pushing the tide it was difficult to get a bait in right spots so finally decided to call it a day.Stopped on way home looking for Spots but they are moving to warmer water but did manage to get five so my supply is holding if these bass ever show up in numbers. All the fish this week were resident fish as they were dark and we need the bright silver fish to show up to get any numbers I think. Reports from the north indicate they are moving this way ,we will be waiting