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Left the dock under cover of darkness on top of the tide.Decided to work my creek but couldn’t find anything so headed up tp a shallow cove in Ludlam where I landed a 24″er on a popper but couldn’t find antother .Moved back to where I startred and landed a 26″er on a bucktail than nothing.Decided to make a major move and on first stop landed a 24″er followed by a 22″er. But that was all I could find.Tide halfway down and now time to get bucktail /willie out of the water and on the trailer. That was done and I haul her home. Spent an hour cleaning bottom of boat as this was a good year for barnacles given the much warmer water this summer . I will tie everything down and hope for the best but it sure does not look good for this area. Sunday night theough early Wed will be tough at best. Europeon model has the storm coming on land at Cape May .US model has it coming on shore more towards New York.In any event this should be a helleva storm
Hope to go back in once storm goes by if at all possible but probably not until thursaday


Left dock under cover of darkness,light wind ,cloud cover ,top of the tide perfect for bass EXCEPT no bass to be found on tide down and called it a day.Absoultely amazing 25th of Oct and no bass
I guess they got wind of Sandy and headed for deeper water
Sandy is looking nasty, I will try in morning than I’m 80% sure I will pull boat and ride out the storm.MAYBE after the storm the fish will be hungry
If fish bite in morning I may wait to pull Boat Saturday but than I probably have to put up with wind
of well, can’t do much about


Another beautiful morning but fish were not cooperating.Did manage to land one 25″er on a Eel but that was all and no decent marks on the machine. Decided to try again on top of the tide this afternoon but once again catching was scarce. I only worked my creek tonight where I had a couple yesterday but no bass.did get one 20″ bluefish. No wind when I started out this afternoon but started coming uo from NE when I quit
Sandy looks real angry and potential for a Perfect Storm exist , we can only hope it moves offshore especially with a Full moon


Another beautiful morning and day. I hit all the same spots I hit yesterday on same tides but not the same results
Only got 1-short bass in morning after fishing the tide down.. Went out again on last hour of incoming and first hour of outgoing and could only find 2 short bass in the same spots I was in yesterday.The fish just were not there like they were yesterday.
Everything caught on a trolled white bucktsil with a twister tail.Dragged a live Spot but nothing touched it
Strange year to say the least
I have to keep an eye on that storm that is brewing in the south Atlantic


It was a beautiful morning and I had 2 hours of the outgoing tide but could only get 1 BASS . Tide dies out I came home . It was too nice of an October day to not try again so I went out on last hour of incoming tide and decided to try some different spots and got into bass right away ,missed the first one than landed 3 before they disappeared . I made a move to another creek and found a school covering a small rip .I managed to land 3 more before they disappeared. the last 4 fish were nice and fat and angry between 24-27″. So maybe this is the start as they were all bright silver fish.
water temp 61
Weather for balance of the week looks good but by weekend we could be influenced by a nasty storm,hopefully it will stay off shore


I tried for Bass in the wind and rain on Friday,no bass, I went out again Sat on a picture perfect morning and still no bass. MAYBE I’ve lost my touch I’m beginning to wonder and my confidence is shot .BUT will keep trying next week.Water temp still warm at 64
I can throw all my past logs out as this year in total since April has followed nothing of the past years and I have looked at 19 years of logs and nothing like 2012 or for that matter nothing close to October 2012.. Even in the lean years of Striped bass during the mortitorium you could catch bass in my waters in October in decent numbers
Just have to keep trying as you can’t catch any sitting in your living room
19 year history of Octobers give a 68 bass average for first 20 days of October and an average of 7 over 28″ .First 20 days of October 2012 sees 21 bass and nothing over 28″


IT was a beautiful October morning,surface of the water looked like a mirror ,dead calm but as I suspected it was only sucking in. .Bass were hard to find and I covered a lot of water. Finally I managed to land one bass on an eel 25″ .than another dry spell and than a 22″er hit a bucktail than another dry spell. top of the tide on a flat I mnged to land one more 19″er on a popper and that was all she wrote as the wind has come up
This is by far the worse October I have had,hell I’vecaught more bass in October when I was living in Indiana and only getting here for 10 days in October.. All I can hope for is things will get better but the clock is ticking and we are geting close to the 2 minute drill
Tomoorow doesn’t look real good but we will see what happens
water temp 62


Fishing is outstanding,catching sucks.Perfect morning ,dead calm ,incoming tide ,you couldn’t ask for a better day in OCT .HOWEVER the fish did not cooperate. .I worked as hard as I know how,burnt a lot of gas BUT all I could find was 2 Bass and a couple of Bluefish..Very discouraging given this is 17th of Oct and clock is ticking. My logs for last 9 years indicate a good bass bite beginning between Oct 6 and 12th but not this year. I’m getting reports of good schools of fish well north of me so maybe there is still hope.Right now it is very disappointing and doesn’t do much for my sweet personality


When I got to dock the forecasted high winds had not started yet so headed out on last on incoming tide but could not find a bass.Decided to go up the creek I was in yesterday where I found 3 bass on the start of outgoing.As tide turned out the winds came up 15-25 with few higher gust making life miserable .After hitting a few more spots with nothing I headed home actually I didn’t need a motor the damn wind was blowing me home.
Tomorrow looks like an ideal day and I have a new plan for tomorrow


Forecast was for winds of 20-30 but when I got to dock it was only blowing 10-12 so out I went . Finding a bass was on the agenda but I was having no luck. On top of the tide I went up a creek I haven’t caught a fish there in 5 years .But no sooner did I get my line in water and BANG but I think because it surprised me I didn’t get a good hook up and lost it. Went back to same spot and this time I was awake and picked up a 24 “er than nothing. Tide starting out and now winds are coming ,not a styeady wind,seems like it would suck in at around 10 and than give a blast of 20-25 ,not a pretty sight
Tried some other spots on outgoping with wind now pushing me in a gusty way,no Bass but did manage to land a 20” Fluke which of course went back as out of season
Wind now making it almost impossible to get a good drift so headed home.Made one stop to see if there were any Spots left and managed to get 8 before giving in to the wind
Water temp moved back up to 64 .We need the water temp to settle in between 60-62
Tomorrow DOES NOT look good ,cold front coming through and behind it strong NW winds BUT we shall see as these weathermen are only right 50% of the time