Striped bass will begin arriving in my area in next 10days or so assuming water temps drop a little
Top water baits will work well early in morning and evenings
Live bait like Spots and eels will work all day especially if there is cloud cover.These fish will be hungry and they will find a lot of bait in the water
Drifting live bait I use a 1/4 oz trolling weight and a 4ft leader with a circle hook. Look for structure on the bottom that could hold fish and drift as slow as possible.Using circle hooks DON”T try setting the hook first time you feel a bite ,hold off a few seconds and than just start winding and than set hook .90% of the time he fish will be hooked in the left corner of it;s jaw
I will be glad to answer any questions EXCEPT locations
Fall run should be pretty good and if weather holds once they start arriving we should have bass into Dec assuming weather cooperates
In another post down the road I will discuss trolling bucktails