Little wet and very windy this morning at 5am. Decided this would be a maintenence day and went home to pick up the trailer. I know the bottom must be full of barnacles as I lost 3-4 mph and gas mileage was dropping.Pulled boat and sure enough the warm water this summer gave good growth to barnacles,not much grass however .So went to work cleaning as much of the bottom as I could and dump her back in.
Rain stopped but still windy from South 15-20 but decided to give it one shot in the creek even though tide may be too far out.
Made one drift the entire length with nothing and didn’t see anything on screen so headed back to dock. Did a few more minor maintenence things and called it a day
Tides are perfect next 3 days IF weather cooperates
My logs indicate the resident bass begin leaving on this moon and if in right spot you can have success. The Exit usually last 7-10 days and than we wait for the migration which past logs indicate Oct 10th give or take a day
Did get 3 mph back so gas milage should improve hopefully with gas at 4.25 per gal
water temp 68