Today was a day to remember. I never had a AM radio on the boat until 9/11/2001.for some reason I took one out with me that day Turned radio on while fishing and around 7:45 news alert came across sayin g a small plane flew into Twin Towers and of course it got much worse. I was catching a few fish and by 9:30 it became a nightmare as you all know. I left the biting fish and came home pissed off and stayed pissed off for many days
Will never know why I put that AM radio on board that day but haven’t been without one since. Just before I left with not a cloud in the sky you could begin to see the smoke in the NE sky
Today as I have done every year since I went back to that small spot ,took rods out of water ,turned engine off and drifted for a few minutes remembering
Fish were not cooperating today and could not find anything worthwhile other than a couple of short fluke
Water temps continue to drop and down to 70 this morning.I’m expecting a bass bite the next couple of days with the early morning high tides
However Sept expectations don’t always happen but we shall see