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Fishing Report 9/29-30

I’m glad to see Sept leave as it has been a difficult month. Past 2 days has produced nothing other than small Bluefish,Sea Bass and more Spots
I’m not making good decisions on bass. I had to leave before the tide turned yesterday and apparently missed a bite as my Nephew picked up 2 on outgoing.
I hit top of the tide this morning and first 1.5 hours out and never saw fish. Several boats looking for bass and I talked to 5 who also had no fish
BUT good news is tomorrow is October and October is always good once they start arriving

Fishing Report 9/28

This should be a boat ride report as it is all I did today.Plan was to try some spots I haven’t hit recently ,this resulted in me burning some gas and all I had to show for it was small Bluefish. winding up my boat ride I stopped in a Fluke spot as today was last day to keep a Fluke ,season closes midnight tonight. But also no Fluke. Wind coming up real good and I’m not in a good mood so headed home. Made one last stop for Spots and picked up 15 which only resulted in a net add of 5 as I used 4 and had 6 dead this morning
The bass WILL show up just a matter of time and the water cooling down
Water temp today actually went up to 71 BUT the strong South wind today may help in cooling it off


Perfect morning ,with perfect tide and light winds but no one told the fish.. Looked for Bass with a popper and live Spot and all i had to show for it was chopped up spots from the small Bluefish
water temp back up to 70
Water is full of bait but nothing chasing them
The bass will be here they always are but probably will be Oct or as soon as the water temps get consistently into the 60’s


Little wet and very windy this morning at 5am. Decided this would be a maintenence day and went home to pick up the trailer. I know the bottom must be full of barnacles as I lost 3-4 mph and gas mileage was dropping.Pulled boat and sure enough the warm water this summer gave good growth to barnacles,not much grass however .So went to work cleaning as much of the bottom as I could and dump her back in.
Rain stopped but still windy from South 15-20 but decided to give it one shot in the creek even though tide may be too far out.
Made one drift the entire length with nothing and didn’t see anything on screen so headed back to dock. Did a few more minor maintenence things and called it a day
Tides are perfect next 3 days IF weather cooperates
My logs indicate the resident bass begin leaving on this moon and if in right spot you can have success. The Exit usually last 7-10 days and than we wait for the migration which past logs indicate Oct 10th give or take a day
Did get 3 mph back so gas milage should improve hopefully with gas at 4.25 per gal
water temp 68


Left dock this morning with plan to catch weakfish but all I could find was a few short fluke .Dick was working the creek for bass called and said he had nothing and was calling it a morning. i was headed for the creek but changed my mind and headed north.BAD MOVE!! My nephew was working the creek after Dick left called and said he had 3 bass . Now I’m quite a ways north but seeing nothing where I was I headed back down only to find him with a 4th.Once I got there the bite was over . Few small bluefish ended the day
Some days you get the fish and somedays the fish get you. I need to get my head on straight and quit looking for weakfish and concentrate on bass. The resident fish usually start to leave on this moon

Fishing Report 9/24

A cold morning at 5am with an air of 45 ,where did summer go ? Left dock looking for bass,hit several spots with no success .switched to fluke on last hour of the tide and picked up 4 fat 16-17″er’s .Bottom of the the tide I tried a apot I had not tried since April and was lucky enough to finally get a bass.not big only 18″ but very angry. Tide started in and nothing so stopped and added a few more Spots and called it a morning
water temp 68-69


Left dock around 4:30am heading to where I had weakfish yesterday .More wind than previous days and out of the South
No weakfish or Bluefish this morning and also no bait that was busting all over yesterday . Only thing biting was short fluke (6) and sea bass driving me crazy
Looks like more wind tonight and a wind shift in morning to North and still strong so have no idea what I will do tomorrow
Spend some time training my Spots in anticapation of the bass showing up
Water temp still holding at 71


Striped bass will begin arriving in my area in next 10days or so assuming water temps drop a little
Top water baits will work well early in morning and evenings
Live bait like Spots and eels will work all day especially if there is cloud cover.These fish will be hungry and they will find a lot of bait in the water
Drifting live bait I use a 1/4 oz trolling weight and a 4ft leader with a circle hook. Look for structure on the bottom that could hold fish and drift as slow as possible.Using circle hooks DON”T try setting the hook first time you feel a bite ,hold off a few seconds and than just start winding and than set hook .90% of the time he fish will be hooked in the left corner of it;s jaw
I will be glad to answer any questions EXCEPT locations
Fall run should be pretty good and if weather holds once they start arriving we should have bass into Dec assuming weather cooperates
In another post down the road I will discuss trolling bucktails


i overslept a little this morning but plan was to find weakfish so even though I was going to run out of darkness I headed to my planned spot and picked up one 18″ weakfish and lost another little smaller at the boat.. Once sun came up and tide started in I picked up a couple of Bluefish and than everything was over
Tides should start slowing down a little tomorrow and if I don’t over sleep will head to sams location
Picked up anothe 15 Spots before calling it a morning


Went out this morning on dead low tide after 2 days of lousy /windy weather thinking there would be a water temp drop and decent bass would arrive BUT that didn’t happen.Water temp still 70
New moon tides still very strong .
All I managed to find was couple of 18″ Bluefish ,headed in and stopped for some Spots.Stong tides have several Spots dying on me so I had to replace them.One of these days the bass will be here
Sept usually is the worse month of the fishing season (April-Dec) for decent size fish and this Sept is not any different