Once again i left the dock under the cover of darkness. today I thought I would work the Bridge for trout on top of the tide but nothing but sea bass so headed towards where the Bass should be. First drift I lost a Spot but didn’t feel like a Bass bite so I went back and landed a 19″ fluke and than on next drifts lost 2 more Spots ,seems like the fluke could not get the Bass intended Spot in their mouth .Left this Spot and started another drift and hooked into a Bass only to lose it at the boat when it made a sharp turn.Went back for another drift as tide now was dead still and hooked into a decent Bass that made a good run.,finally got her to boat and she was a fat 30″ bass.Made a few more drifts and nothing.Once tide started moving it seems everything shut down.Went to the inlet and made 4 good drifts with only one short fluke. Decided to call it quits and headed home.Made one stop for some Spots and put 10 in the pen .!0 more that I need to train
Coming up on a New Moon so maybe something will happen the next couple of days IF weather cooperates
Anytime you get a 30″ bass in August it is aood day