ONCE again left dock well before was one of those days when the sun rose and the moon set within 20 min . I would bet not many reading this have seen that.
Went looking for bass with some well trained Spots, As sun broke the horizon I hooked into my first bass a fat 26″er but than nothing. Hit several key locations but nothing. Decided to try a popper in one of my secret spots and picked up a 20″er than nothing.Decided to head into the Sound and after several cast along the banks a bass exploded on my popper coming completely out of the water in 3 ft of water,quite a sight .Kept going around the sound but nothing. getting ready to go catch some Spots but made one more stop and picked up a 18″er on a trolled bucktail. these fish sure as hell were not schooled up but 4 bass in August is not too bad a day
Stopped on way home and put 10 more Spots in my pen