Today my plan was to go catch some Spots for my bait box and future Striped Bass. But before leaving I called Dick who said he had 65 degree water and 1-30″ bass so the plan changed and off I went. I had 1 Spot so loaded her up and when I got to the 65 degree water started drifting, first bite was a 23″ fluke on the 6″ spot .Spot was still there when I netted the fluke and I went back even through spot was half dead and 2nd drift I hooked up with a 27 “plus Bass, could have stretched it to 28 but stuck a tag in her and released her. Still have the dead spot on and after 3 more drifts I get into another bass but I lost this one right at the boat. Than nothing as water was warming as tide started out. Decided to go back to Plan A and find some Spots and managed to get 6 for my box along with a couple of short fluke.
Would be nice if that colder water would hang around but I doubt it