JULY 12 might be interesting info

I sat in a meeting of Fluke advisory council as a council member which was attended by both the recreational side and commercial side couple of weeks ago in Baltimore. There was significant discussion especially from commercial side of a clear population shift to the north in Summer Flounder. RI and NH reported passing their best years and only half way through the year.
I decided to look at some of my data,most know I tag 99% of what I catch for American Littoral Society and half over 17000 fish tagged with over 6500 being summer flounder. I have 659 returned tags and when looking at where returns came from I found that 13% were recaught 10miles or more north of where originally caught. There always has been a slight northern migration so this didn’t look too far out of line. I than brought down the data from 2009 ,159 return tags witth 31 being re-caught 10 miles north or more which is 19.5% .Looking at 2010-11 data only the return from 10 miles north or more is 23%
Not sure what all this means but could be an indication as to why the Fluke fishing at least as far as numbers is concerned is generally down in upper Cape May County
I will continue to follow this trend the balance of the year