Left dock this morning at 4:45am, bottom of the tide looking for bass. Right at sun rise a bass exploded on my popper and missed it ,few more cast and another exploded but again missed the plug. These fish were in 2 ft of water. Slowed the popper down and another exploded coming completely out of the water and this one was hooked and I landed a 25″er . Tide started in and switched to fluke BUT could not find a fluke that was hungry after a couple of hours searching without a bite I decided to call it a day.I suspect there would be a bite on outgoing but I wasn’t going to wait. On way in stopped at a couple of spots for bass . I saw a lot of bait activity up against a bank in 2 ft of water again and dropped my popper on the bait and a 27″ bass once again came completly out of the water and went on a long run but I got her in ,tagged and released to fight another day

  These bass sure aren’t schooled up like they were last year in June but it is still early and tomorrow is another day