Left home in a hard rain,got to dock still raining BUT weather  chart in car looked like I had a window so out I went BUT should have stayed in bed. First 2 hours all I found were  3 short fluke and 2 Bluefish while searching for Bass. I covered a lot of area and now just starting to dry out . No wind but another storm coming but looked like it was going out to sea just south of me so I headed north and missed it but no fish. Top of tide now on Full Moon and I hate Full Moons. However decided to head to my honey hole as wind was picking up. Saw a fish on screen and caught it  22″  couple more passes saw another on screen but didn’t get it . Made a slight move and saw another and got it 26″ ,3 more passes nothing so moved again but another storm rolling in and this one will get me but I made a stop saw a fish and nailed it 24″ . Now it is pouring so headed for the barn getting soaked and called  it a tough morning. Clearly these fish are not holding to a normal June pattern but gues I should not complain going  3 for 4 . Interesting thing to note the last 8 bass I’ve caught have all been caught on same paddle tall lure and problem is I don’t know where I found this lure. will need to do so research as I only have one spare

Incoming tide until middle of morning all week which doesn’t look all that promising and weather pattern looks like more rain next few days .Guess I will just have to get used to getting wet  but tough to keep cigar lite in rain