June 25th fishing report

Some days it doesn’t pay to get up .This morning I knew I had to pull boat and take to doctor but thought I would look around on last 2 hours of outgoing. Dick and his grandson went looking for bass,I decided given a water temp of 78 decided to look for fluke. 2 hours of outgoing,hit numerous spots and never had a bite. The low RPM problem was also driving me crazy so headed to ramp to pull boat. Got boat out ,Dick stopped by said he had nothing no bass no fluke. Left ramp heading home,Doctor doesn’t have hours on monday but I needed to clean boat up. Halfway home in middle of Sea Isle I blow out a tire on trailer. I decided not to tackle it and called Boat US who I have a ploicy with. Hour later I’m back on the road and get home. Take blown tire to shop to get new tire as it was blown pretty good. Pick up tire and came home ONLY to find the spare that I put on flatter than a pancake. Apparently the  stem leaked after I pump it up. So now I had to change a tire anyway  .

Tomorrow I’ll take boat to doctor but don’t expect a big deal once computer is hooked up and he sees what is going on. Wednesday I’ll be going to ASMFC meeting with Fluke Advisory Council in Baltimore