Beautiful morning but not best conditions for catching fish. Water temp in high 70’s ,not good for bass. Looked for some cooler water but found none. Decided to look for fluke but developed an engine light under 1000 RPM’s so headed back to dock to examine as under 1000 rpms it was running rough . Nothing obvious so decided to try end of my creek and found¬† 3 fluke including one 19″ on first 3 drifts than nothing so called it a morning. I’ll try tomorrow but suspect I will need to pull the boat and get “doctor” to hook up a computer on Tuesday¬†Has to be something simple as once over 1000 goes away and runs fine. So Tues will not be fishing and Wed I have a Fluke advisory council meeting in Baltimore with ASMFC . Will be getting briefed on outlook for fluke in upcoming years and overall look at health of the fluke population