June 22 nd fishing report

Water temp at dock on bottom of tide was 80 so I went looking for cooler water and maybe a bass,lowest temp was 75 but could not find a bass, I really don’t like to catch bass in water this warm as it is too stressful on them. So I switched to fluke, picked up a couple of shorts than go into and landed a 21″ fluke than nothing. Tide 4 hours up so headed into shallow water and picked up 3 more shorts . It is now 8:30 and it is hotter than hell with little wind and lots of bugs so headed hom. Fluke may be beginning to wake up. I will take tomorrow off as there probably be too mant boats on waterways for me to maintain my “sweet” personality. Will probably get at it again Sunday. I’m not using them but from what I heard today frozen shiners were outproducing minnows where legal fluke were concerned,