When I got to dock this morning at 4:45am as usual first thing I check is water temp and was shocked to see a climb to 79 degrees in my creek overnight,it was low tide but yesterday same area temp was 69 . Now I am very discouraged but took off looking for bass,figured I may have a shot first of incoming at least until sun got up. After hitting several spots I did managed to find one hungry bass of 24″ looking for an eel. Now given the sun was up and incoming water temp still in mid-70s I gave up on bass and went looking for Fluke. I have no idea what the hell is going on with Fluke as I hit every spot I ever fished in June and found 1 Fluke of 16″. Air temp now at 9o and it is only 8:30 and Greenhead but was EXCELLENT so said to myself “this is stupid” and headed home.

  Last night ,once again I looked at logs for past 4 years and I average tagging 213 fluke per year in the month of June past 4 years , so far in June 2012 it is 29 .something is going on. Tomorrow I may spend some time closer to inlet. I’m hoping the cold front coming in tomorrow night pushes this warm water off shore. ANYBODY ELSE in Upper Cape May County having trouble finding fluke or am I just getting too old to catch fish ????