Once again I left dock under cover of darkness looking for bass, lousy tide but went looking and found nothing. There were a couple caught but not by me. Sun coming up now and I figure a popper was out of question so began trolling and found a 20″ bluefish. I had a decision to make on top of the ┬átide,Fluke ? or keep looking for bass and I decided on bass. Switched to a paddletail on my dead rod and kept the bucktail on the rod in my hand. Not a very high tide but I was still able to get close to bank on troll and FINALLY got a 24″ bass on the paddletail than nothing. Decided to call it a morning but made one more stop for fluke and found 2 shorts and another Bluefish.This continues to be the worst JUNE I have had in 55 years of fishing these waters. No idea what the problem is but everyone I talk to were also complaining. I give it another shot tomorrow ,sure as hell can’t catch any fish on dry land