Once again headed out well before sunrise looking for bass,tide only in an hour so it was difficult getting into prime locations but after about 150 cast a 26″ bass exploded on my popper in 2 ft of water and strip line off mt reel but got her to boat ,stuck a tag in her and watch her swim off. Few more cast and another exploded ,however this on swam right to boat and than took a left turn and swam across my prop and that was all she wrote as line was cut by prop. Kept working area but only found a bluefish. Decided to make one pass on fluke and landed a 20″ fluke than decided I needed another bass fix and headed up a creek with no one around and trolled .Half way down the creek I get a hit that almost tore the rod out of my hands. Once I got it close to the boat I saw a decent bass on bucktail and a decent size bluefish on the teaser but I got lucky and got both in the net.Bass was 26″ and Blue was 22″. I have caught 2 bass and 2 blues on this rig BUT never a Bass and a Blue. Gave them a kiss,stuck in tags and let them swim away. Made a few more passes but nothing . Started home and made one stop for fluke but only 4 shorts and I called it a day. Weather is warmer up , weather man is talking 100 on Friday UGH !!