June 14 &15 Fishing report

I’m have a tough time catching fish. If I read the paper everyone is catching fish buy me .than I go to Tackle Shop where everyone is bitching about not catching. Yesrerday (14) after 2 hours of looking for bass with nothing I switched to Fluke BUT all I could get were 2 shorts. Today I again went looking for bass and found 2 — 1-24 and 1-20″  but this was after over 250 cast. Switched to fluke and still cannot find them and only managed to get 2 shorts. Back at dock  Harry and Dick each had 1 legal fluke but no bass. I have no idea what is going on in June. Last 3 Junes I average over 200 fluke and 70 bass for the month not this year unless I rally get hot in next 2 weeks. Makes me hit the VO bottle on regular basis to prevent depression