I’m at my wits end with these damn fish,weather sucks,fishing tough catching is worse. I left dock around 5:30 with a good 20 mph wind blowing,Dick left ahead of me and I decided to stay close looking for bass. Dick called he had a 27″er so I worked my way towards him but seeing no fish in all the right places . He called and had another this one was 30″ .By time I got there there was nothing.He got 2 fish in a 10 minute span and now nothing.wind is howling as I work my way back but seeing nothing. Decided to see if fluke would turn on but quickly gave up when wind gust got over 25. this has been one LOUSY JUNE, May was great but June leaves a lot to be desired and my worst June ever. Have decided I may have to get some minnows for fluke as what few are being caught are being caught on minnows and I haven’t used a minnow in 5-6 years

  I going to search my logs tonight and see it I’m missing anything. I stopped in tackle shop this afternoon and was told everyone was bitching about lack of a flounder bite . Right now I’m a little pissed and need a VO