Stormy night with rain,wind but gone and out over the ocean by 5am. Left dock with smell of bass in the air but could not locate. Top of the tide got a call on a couple being caught away from me,finally made a decision to head that way but wasn’t confident. Got there and bite was over ,I made a couple of passes than burned  some more gas and back to where I started  and my fish finder lit up with fish. First drift picked up a 26″er , went back over same area and still fish on screen and picked up another 26 “er. Went back for 3rd drift but screen went blank,damn fish were moving quickly aqnd left. I’m now kicking myself in a#$ for leaving as it appears the bite was on start of outgoing and it had been running out for an hour when I got back, Wind coming up pretty good and switched  to fluke but drift was lousy and never go a bite. With wind gusting I headed home  . The Bass are here and right on time. Just looked at 201o and 2011 logs and bass showed up  on June 3rd in 2011, and june 5th in 2010. So if this year goes as last year  it should be a fun month and Fluke will have to wait

 Hopefully the wind will lay down tomorrow